reminiscences and rants

Why should you care about this book?

​See that guy in the wheelchair. That's me in the 5th grade. They told me that I'd never get out. They were wrong. This book is about how I proved that the impossible was truly possible. But it's also about the highs and lows of life on Planet Earth. 

If you are lucky, you will meet many influential people during your lifetime. If you are very lucky, many people will influence your life. I've been very lucky. I call this book a "nonfiction novel" because it revolves around many different characters, people more important than myself.

You will read the stories of Victoria and Lesley. These two very important women in my life will become very important women in your life, as well. Decades apart, both women dealt with the debilitating disease of depression and one endured the lifelong trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

It is because of these people that I will be donating a percentage of the donations during the writing of this book and a percentage of all eventual sales of this book, to organizations that work with victims of child abuse, organizations that research the causes of clinical depression, and organizations that research the causes and cures for cancer and heart disease. In some way, I have been touched by all of these maladies and they are all part of who I have become.

If you would like to become a partner in this endeavor, please                         to contribute. Every contributor will receive a special mention in the dedication as well as my personal thanks for assisting in furthering the efforts of the dedicated men and women involved in the research mentioned above.

This book corresponds to the previous year but it could actually be any year, because any year of the last sixty could honestly be called the year of my life. The past 365 days are representative of our world history and my personal history. I’ve incorporated numbers into every event because our lives are defined by the numbers that we accumulate throughout our lives.

You will undoubtedly find similarities to your own life within the pages of this book. As the title of this book implies, this is a collection of reminiscences and rants. It is, I hope, a carefully woven story of fact and opinion. I recognize that you will not always agree with my facts or my opinions. Please let me know, either way.